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                      Village-based loans and savings to create



Strengthen Institutions and Resilience 4 the Food Security Development Project is a joint venture between World Vision, Care, ORDA and the Government of Ethiopia with financial support from the American people and government. The beneficiaries of the project are working to improve their livelihoods by engaging in various income-generating activities by saving on a Village Economic and Social Association.

Among the woredas where the project is being implemented, 467 village-based loan and savings group has been established in Dahna woreda and 9,778 members are saving money. So far, they have saved 3,164,210 birrs. ORDA Executive director Dr. Alemayehu Wassie and other management members visited the Village Economic and Social Association team in Dida Kebele.


One of the groups visited is the 'Tesfanesh' Village Economic and Social Association with 30 members in Dida 011 Kebele. The members of the group made monthly savings, borrow from their savings, and are engaged in grain, sheep, goat, and poultry farming. Now the lives of the members of the group have improved.


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