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                                 "I'm defeating my disability"

                            I'm defeating my disability

Farmer Habte Getasew, aged 38, is a resident of wombercho woftem kebele, Ebinat woreda of south Gonder zone. He has disability, due to a gun shoot, on his right hand, and this condition had created a black shadow on his farm work. The poverty used to create synergies with his being handicapped. As time go, he had had sorrow due to lack of any technological support to mitigate his physical problem. But, he latter has gotten an opportunity to be member of ORDA’S IFNS project beneficiaries list.

He recruited under IFNS beneficiary list due to his disability. His life turning point began with skill gap training by ORDA’s IFNS project on saving & other livelihood improvement means. He is benefited from package services delivered by the project. He has aided a productive crop seeds with the relevant training to increase productivity. “ORDA’s IFNS project has assisted me by supplying seeds of variety crops & vegetable species. In 2018 crop season, I got 25 kg hybrid wheat seed and I produced 6 qtl of wheat, which has doubled my product in the same plot of land compared with the usual wheat species, and I feel that my disability is being impaired by ORDA’S IFNS project”, says farmer Getachew. In addition, he has been supplied potato tuber, tomato seedling, Red onion etc by the project to produce more & to be secured in food.

                                       I'm defeating my disability1

As a member of a Village Economic & saving Association (VESA) which was established on June 28/ 2018, he has saved 70 birr with a monthly saving of 5 birr. “Previously I used to drink to pass time instead of saving money & now I have a great trust to borrow & to run off work trading activities”. He added that the association gives some predetermined fund for social occasions & emergencies like giving birth, & it enables them to have better social relations among the villagers.

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