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Strengthen PSNP4 Institutions and Resilience (SPIR) Development Food Security Activity (DFSA)

                       Strengthen PSNP4


Strengthen PSNP4 Institutions and Resilience is a Development Food Security Activity which shares Ethiopia’s Government Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP) goal of resilience to shocks and livelihoods enhanced, and food security and nutrition improved, for rural households vulnerable to food insecurity.

The program works across multiple sectors including livelihoods; health, nutrition and WASH; and disaster and climate risk management. It also gives due attention to children, girls, women and youth empowerment.

Program Profile

  1. vRegion: Amhara (North Wollo and Waghemra Zone)
  2. vWoreda: 9 (Meket, Wadla, Gazo, Lasta, Bugna, Dahna, Sekota, Tsagibji and Gazgibla)
  3. vKebeles: 207

     Target Beneficiaries:

  1. vDirect Project Participants: 256,329 (137,446 female)
  2. vFood Distribution: 256,329 individuals (PDS-40,928 and PW-215,401)
  3. vTotal Budget: $US 86,644,759

Food aid = $53,146,248   (metric ton- 75,533)

Cash =     $ 33,498,511      

  1. vDuration: October 1, 2016 to July 31, 2021

Program Goal and Purposes

Strengthen PSNP4 Institutions and Resilience targets on enhancing livelihoods, increasing resilience to shocks, and improving food security and nutrition for rural households vulnerable to food insecurity in Amhara region of Ethiopia.

To achieve its goal, SPIR focuses on four integrated and interdependent purposes.

  • Increased income, productive assets and equitable access to nutritious food for vulnerable women, men and youth;
  • Improved nutritional status of children under two years of age, pregnant and lactating women, and adolescent girls;
  • Increased women’s empowerment, youth empowerment and gender equity;
  • Strengthened ability of women, men and communities to mitigate, adapt to and recover from human-caused and natural shocks and stresses.


  • Agricultural production and productivity
  • Market access
  • Boosting off-farm and non-farm income
  • Increased use of financial services
  • Utilization of nutritious foods
  • Utilization of health and nutritional services
  • Reduced prevalence of waterborne diseases
  • Institutional responsiveness to needs of girls and women
  • Reduction of HTPs
  • Women and youth empowerment of decision making
  • Climate resilient livelihoods
  • Natural Resource Management (NRM)
  • Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change Adaptation (DRR& CCA)

Last Updated (Friday, 10 January 2020 08:21)

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                       “I feel confidence and internal calmness”

                   feel confidence

Many youths loss their golden age without doing anything worthy for themselves, their family and the country. They waste their crucial time due to bad working culture, lack of working capital, and other reasons.

While their energy and knowledge exhausted without any contribution. As a result, they'll be in jeopardy concerning their life at their retirement as they couldn't generate income in their early ages. So, ORDA gives due attention for job creation to youths and tries to curve the situation of unemployment.

ORDA’s Improving Youth Employment through soft skill training and other supports project, which has an aim to create a job for jobless youth, was launched in July 2018 in Ebinat woreda, South Gondar Zone with a total budget of 5,245,696 secured from Gafat Endowment Enterprise (95.3 % share) & ORDA (4.7 % share). Among beneficiaries, Mrs. Tigist Minale, aged 23, is found. She worked for seven years in private beauty salons with a monthly salary of Birr 600. She was unable to get married and establish a family.

                  feel confidence 1

In this occasion, she got an entrepreneurship & money management training from the project. Then, she got loan of Birr 80 thousand with 8% interest rate and opened her beauty salon. The loan was obtained from the project through the management & credit facility of Amhara Credit & Saving Association (ACSI).

“I got involved in my own business, beauty salon, in June 2019. I borrowed 80 thousand Birr with 8% rate and bought different beautification equipment. Finally, I rented a house in one thousand Birr and launched my work. Now I am getting net 5 thousand Birr per month. I employed a supportive staff in one thousand Birr wage, and I paid my first six month debt obligation 14 thousand Birr, interest & principal”, she said.

“Now I feel confidence and internal calmness. And, I am sure I will contribute my share for my country.”

Last Updated (Thursday, 02 January 2020 14:21)

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