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Water Resources Development Program

Most of the people in the region are terribly suffering from unsafe water supply and lack of poor hygiene and sanitation services, which let them in for acute waterborne, trachoma and other communicable diseases. There has also been considerable capacity limitation in the region in the area of small scale irrigation development. With the conviction to involve in Water Resource Development and address substantive felt-needs of the people, the organization set goal, intending to improve livelihoods, and hygiene and sanitation status of poor women, men and children in the region. As the result, it has designed different strategies to make this goal a reality.

In view of that ORDA has been supporting integrated interventions of safe water supply, hygiene and sanitation, and irrigation development, and capacity strengthening of CBOs and the beneficiary communities. Its integrated engagement includes environmental protection, ground water potential enrichment, upgrading and maintenance of existing water sources, adaptation of hygiene and sanitary practices, and mobilization of communities.

Apart from this, major results in the area of Water Resource Development Program registered in 2012 are indicated below:

Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH)

    • 220 water supply schemes (85 HDWs, 103 SPDs, 6 LHDWs, 3 Pressurized Pipe Line Extensions, 3 Roof Water Harvesting and 19 Rope and Washer Pumps) constructed and benefited a total of 77,798 people (44% female).
    • 39 water supply schemes (37 HDWs and 2 SPDs) maintained/rehabilitated;
    • WaSH related trainings provided to 3,954 WASHCO members, VHCs, Caretakers, etc.
    • 26 Ventilated Improved Pit Latrines constructed to schools, heath posts , farmers’ training centres and others and benefited 12,785 (6,527 female) people;
    • 12 pit latrines with hand washing facilities constructed.

Small-scale diversion and micro irrigations

    • Construction of 46 irrigation schemes managed; 31 family hand-dug-wells for irrigation constructed; these projects irrigate about 7,655.25 hectare command area and benefit a total of 130,901 (64,354 female) people.

Construction and Rehabilitation of social services

    • 14km community road constructed and 91.633km road rehabilitated; and they have benefited a total 8,879 (3,722 female) beneficiaries;
    • 34 culverts and one bridge constructed;
    • 25(131%) school class rooms constructed and 994 combined desks, benches, table, etc supported to schools, FTCs and health posts;
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