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አመልድ ለህብረተሰቡ የገነባቸውን ንፁህ የመጠጥ ውሃ ተቋማት አስመረቀ

የእጅ መታጠብ ቀን በድምቀት ተከበረ

ORDA, AMREF and to launch a new project

ORDA progressively makes the environment hospitable to live

Water quality and latrine technology option training offered

 ኤ ግሊመር ኦፍ ሆፕ ድርጅት የስራ ሃላፊዎችና ረጅ ባለሃብቶች የፕሮጀክት ቦታዎችን ጎበኙ

“Pillar of the poor, long live ORDA”

ORDA in collaboration with A Glimmer of Hope

ORDA to launch a new “ATCP” program

ORDA’s Regional Water Quality Test Laboratory becomes functional

Bahir Dar Urban Sanitation Project to start in 2013

ORDA-EU-German Agro Action /Welthungerhilfe sign an agreement for new project initiative

Last Updated (Wednesday, 06 February 2019 11:03)