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Gender Unit


The followings are major gender related activities mainstreamed and accomplished in the period January to December 2012: 

  • Trainings provided for 120,647 (58,255 females) Productive safety net Program (PSNP ) clients, kebele and community Food Security Task Force (FSTF) members and PW for men/women and awareness raised on gender issues.
  • Awareness of 2,897 (1,827 female) self help group members, and woreda and Kebele food security taskforce members raised on gender and food security and its impact on Women and Children.
  • Awareness created for 55,068 (27,073 female) Productive safety net Program (PSNP) clients to increase community’s attitude towards women and child feeding.
  • About 27,546 (11,790 female) Productive safety net Program (PSNP) beneficiaries participated in the training and production of energy saving.
  • Training on village saving and loan approach provided for 3,481(177 female) community conversation facilitators and Community Conversion groups.
  • 818 sessions facilitated for bimonthly community conversation and 5,247 (3,661 females) participated.
  • Household-to-household gender learning and sharing experiences conducted by 470 couples.
  • 112 gender analysis results compiled and documented.

   “ The human race is a two-winged bird: one wing is female, the other is male. Unless both wings are equally developed, the human race will not be able to fly.”