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FNS/ Project carrying out SIS to benefit farmers

የአመልድ ሚሊያር ፕሮጀክት የብዙ ሰዎችን ኑሮ መቀየር መቻሉና ከድርቅ አደጋ መታደጉ ተገለፀ

Crop Insurance to cope up agricultural hindrances!

Community ponds opened the eyes of farmers!

Clustering a new initiative for better productivity

GRAD Annual review meeting held

አነስተኛ የመስኖ ልማቶች አነስተኛ ማሳ ላላቸው አርሶ አደሮች!

Market-led Improved Livelihoods in Eastern Amhara (MILEAR) benefited over 8 thousand farmers

“I no longer encounter life sufferings anymore.”

“ORDA is the reason for my success & reward”

 Field days held

ORDA registered two new camelina varieties

Over 740 farmers benefited from MILEAR Project

ORDA/NORAD Constructs Tissue Culture Centre with outlay of Birr 13.5 million Birr

Last Updated (Wednesday, 06 February 2019 11:05)