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                                FNS/ Project carrying out SIS to benefit farmers

Multidimensional Food and Nutrition Security project of ORDA is on the way to complete construction of three small irrigation schemes that played a major role in boosting productivity of agriculture and livestock, manager of the project, Ato Dessalegn Alem said. 


Last Updated (Friday, 10 June 2016 06:26)

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Strong cooperatives needed to prevent forest destruction!

By EsubalewDires

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Dubaba kebele, which is located to the North of Quara, is around 90 km away from the capital of the woreda- Gelego. Dubaba kebele residents are migrants composed from 24 different woredas due to settlement. A young farmer Tesfahun Sitot is a resident at the locality of Mirt Gelego in Dubaba kebele. The farmer is married and has got a son. He moved from South Wollo Zone, Meqdela Woreda at a village named Chingua to Quarra due to a legal settlement in 1997.  Farmer Tesfahun described Dubaba and its surrounding as it was covered by dense forest and inhabited by a large variety of indigenous plant and animal species. Over the past 10 years, natural forests are greatly diminishing. As a result,, animals living in the forest like monkey, antelope, boars, deer, lion, leopard etc migrated due to lack of shelter.

Natural forest destruction and animal migration are mainly caused by a significant population growth, development of construction, timber and charcoal production, the expansion of agricultural land.


Last Updated (Monday, 06 June 2016 09:03)

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