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GRAD Annual review meeting held
50,000 chronically food insecure HHs graduate by the end of the project period.

20 Oct. 2015, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Graduation with Resilience to Achieve Sustainable Development (GRAD) is a USAID-funded project through CARE Ethiopia that aims to support the livelihood options of chronically food insecure households in Ethiopia. The project emphasizes resilient strategies related to nutrition, gender, and climate change adaptation, aspiration to graduation, learning and dissemination of the lessons that work in lifting households (HH) out of extreme poverty.

The total budget of the project has been US$ 23,400,000.00. The goal for GRAD is to contribute significantly to sustained food security for chronically and transitory food insecure households in rural Ethiopia. The program intends to reach 65,000 PSNP HHs directly with the strategic objective of graduating 50,000 chronically food insecure HHs from PSNP food support in the 16 targeted Woredas and increase each HH’s income by $365/ year by the end of the project period.

ORDA has been carrying 30 developmental projects to improve the livelihood of the people in the Amhara region. In this regard, ORDA-GRAD funded by USAID through CARE Ethiopia played a significant role to help PSNP woredas come out from extreme poverty.

GRAD partners annual review meeting held from 16-20 Oct. 2015 at Homeland, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.


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Eventually, the toughest Ayrara SSI construction is fruitfully completed.


Many years ago, while a mother carrying her son on back tried to cross river Ayrara; however, the sudden increment and bursting of the river snatched her son. She furiously shouted and mourned at it to return her son back. Nevertheless, it didn’t hesitate to give her son back. This time she cursed, shocked and named it "Ayrara" which means cruel/malicious/.

The Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara (ORDA) is a dependable partner of the region in developing modern irrigation schemes. The toughest Ayrara irrigation project, located in Ankober Woreda of North Shewa, can potentially irrigate 110 hectares benefiting 196 male and 96 female headed households.

                                                        Ayrara (1)

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