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                   Farmers started producing crops using Deremo irrigation scheme

                       Farmers started producing crops 1

Deremo irrigation is found about 17 km away from the Meket town, district of Meket woeda. The road from Meket to Deremo irrigation seems the worest road ever for development workers. Since it is full of medium stone & dichs, it may take the same time to reach the place both in car and walk. Humans can jum from one pointed stone to another in in their leg. But the car enters to one dich and tries come back & front to out, and it will be running out of time. The project workers told me as there was a trial of car accident. And one can sense how ORDA & its partners have been working in hard environment to mitigate poverity, like Deremo irrigation area.

                         Farmers started producing crops 3

Deremo irrigation was built by Development for food security activity project (DFSA) which is being implemented by #CARE#WorldVision & ORDA with a budget secured from #USAID. It has 1.03 km canal lengths and 186 meter length structure built in the air to transfer water over crossing the small valley watershed. It benefits 113 households who lives in three kebels (031, o34 & 07 kebels) of Meket woreda. Now cabbage, green pepper, potato, onion are being grown by farmers. Coffee, avocado & mango are grown in intercropping.

                           Farmers started producing crops 2

Finaly the project Enginers, Drivers & other officers are happy for they taste the fruit while their objective to see poor farmers to grow horticulture is being achived. They are cured from bad pain of Deremo irrigation road.

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