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                             An emigrant hopes bright in his homeland

                         A new hope of an emigrant in his homeland

Farmer Adimas was an emigrant in Sudan desert areas for years in need of better life. He began as daily labor and life was not easy there. Though he had worked hard, his life change was stagnant, just hand to mouth. It was because of being an illegal citizen. On this occasion, he saw an experience of Sudan farmers who were engage in horticulture and seedling cultivation in their piece of land, and he decided to come back to his home land to do the same job.

Farmer Adimasu Molla, aged 32, a father of five children lives in Derita kebelle, Libokemkem woreda. Now he has been growing different seedlings on his half hectare farm land after he had gotten a technical training and material support (seed & poliytutube) from ORDA’s Foundation Green Ethiopia Project.

                            A new hope of an emigrant in his homeland1

He has been growing ‘Gesho’ (Rhamnus), Kentefa (Entada Abyssinia), ‘Wanza’ (Cordia Africana) & Grevillea and he got a better income from sale. From seedling sale he earned Birr 15 thousand in 2017, Birr 25 thousand in 2018 & Birr 29 thousand in 2019. By the income he earned, he bought two oxen and one cow. He said that he is strengthening his agriculture work. “By the income I earned, I bought 3 animals. In addition, I fulfilled farming inputs, and now I have a happy family”, he said.

ORDA’s Foundation green Ethiopia project was launched in Libokemkem woreda in 2015. Now it included additional two projects: Green valley & Ecosia, and working on plating of degraded lands and restoring the ecosystem, protect soil erosion, developing water sheds and engage households in those developed watersheds in horticulture activities.

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