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                                    ORDA’s Experience on job creation for Youths

                            job creation for Youths

ORDA’s Youth Enterprise & Private Sector Development program has a primary goal of creating permanent & temporary job opportunities to youths. It closely works with other major programs in order to engage jobless youths in various implementing project activities to make them beneficiaries of the economy. The project trains jobless youths on a variety of entrepreneurship skills and make a connection with employers who need a human power in different professions.

ORDA in its improving youth employment project has been offering soft skills training and other supports , which aims to create a job for jobless youth. It was launched in July 2018 in Ebnat woreda, South Gondar Zone with a total budget of 5,245,696 secured from Gafat Endowment Enterprise (95.3 % share) & ORDA (4.7 %).

The project has been working to create a job for 200 jobless youths, and it gave entrepreneurship training & facilitation works.

                         job creation for Youths1

37 jobless youths has been engaging in various income generation activities of garment sewing, garage, spice production (shiro, pepper), animal fattening, horticulture, beauty salon, furniture making, etc. They got the working capital from a loan provided by the project via Amhara Credit & Saving Association (ACSI) with a low interest rate. The loan will be paid back 3 years later and is going to revolve for the next jobless youths.

Now, youths who create their own business are getting better monthly income, and they employed other job seekers.

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