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                                  Real livelihood change through community pond

                                         Real livelihood change

Cheru Tesafaw, 49, lives in a small rural town surrounded by old wooden houses in Ayina bugna woreda, o7 kebele. He has 4 children, one is female. We got him while he was cultivating his crop in his small yard found near a community pond.

He has only a quarter of hectare land which is almost covered by rock and its productivity was low, and he was leading a harsh life, forced him to be aided. Though he tried to do off work, he did not secure his family food consumption. His problem has worsened while his home was burnt by anonymous one deliberately.

At the moment ORDA’s Development for food security project (DFSA) has built a community pond, and farmer cheru he has planned to combat the life challenge by doing irrigation, horticulture, at his a piece of land. He entered to growing vegetables and results have been achieved.

                                      Real livelihood change1
“Last year, I earned 2,600 Birr from a sale of garlic", farmer cheru said. "I was made a surgery, and in that case I recovered well by eating a balanced diet earned from my yard." In addition, now he is rebuilding his fired home from stone. 

Currently, he is growing onion, potato, garlic, lettuce & cabbage largely. Since He has used a compost, all grew vegetables are in a good stand. He forecasts to earn 3000 birr. He has planned to buy oxen and to expand his horticulture. 

ORDA’s the Development for food security activity project (DFSA) with a fund of $86.6 million, which is secured from American government (USAID), is implemented in North Wollo zone 5 woredas & Waghemra zone 3 woredas to improve the livelihood of 256,329 beneficiaries since 2016 and lasts for 5 years.

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