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Lasta woreda Dog meda Primary school construction has completed. 

'Dog meda’ Primary school had had a shortage of teaching class for the last years. The school was built by the local community from wood & mud. Latter it was going to out of service and students faced difficulties since it inserts dust and wind in its hole.

                                          Lasta woreda Dog meda  (1) A School built by ORDA

According to Ato Amare Gugsas, project engineer, to alleviate the class shortage ORDA’s development & food security activity project has built 4 classes with a cost of 600,000 birr which is secured from Government of America (USAID). The class can serve 400 students in shift program and it will be opened soon.

                                               Lasta woreda Dog meda  (2)The old wooden school

Ato yesuf Ali, the school director, told that Dog Meda Primary school which had built by the community has faced class shortage, and has become enough old. The students were learning with dust and sunlight which eneters via wall holes. He added that ORDA’s new construction will reduce the fatality. He added that the teachers use only one office which is crowded for the whole day. The students did not get the necessary laboratory training due to lack of classes. 
The new class will be opened soon, and students will learn in a tidy room, and the school problem will be reduced.

Last Updated (Friday, 15 March 2019 10:58)

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