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2017 Performance Evaluation & 2018 Annual Plan Orientation Held

                                        2017-2018 plan &report1

ORDA, a dependable developmental partner and facilitator for change in the Amhara region, conducted 2017 Annual Performance Evaluation & 2018 Plan Orientation from 10- 11 April 2018 in Bahir Dar.

It is noted that under Environment & Forest Development Program (EFDP)- 29.44 million indigenous & exotic species of trees planted and covered a total of 10,435 hectares of land (of which 3.9 million in Greening program) with a seedling survival rate of 60.74%, 151,221 ha natural forests also abled to sink about 139,123 ton carbon per annum in Biodiversity conservation, 2003 fuel saving stoves & 94 biogas plants reduced 3,578 ton carbon emission and could save 2,614 ton/year fuel wood saved (saved 34 hectares of forest from deforestation).

                                         2017-2018 plan &report3

In WASH and Irrigation Development (WIP), 12 Small scale schemes and 231 household & community ponds constructed and irrigated 1076.4 ha and 20,000 cattle trough. More than 112,028 (54,577 females) people accessed safe water supply, community managed schemes practicing hygiene and sanitation enhanced.

                                            2017-2018 plan &report4

ORDA claimed that in Agriculture and Disaster Risk Management Program (ADRMP), 2, 185 Qts of improved crop varieties for 6,873 HHs, 44,614 fruit seedling for 2,184 HHs, 762 Kg vegetable seeds for 2,123 HHs, 1,185 Qts of improved potato tuber seeds distributed. 10 ha of land is treated with 400 Qt of lime to alleviate acidity. Moreover, 12,776 improved chickens to 2,951 HHs, 5,081 shoats to 1,651 (1219 females) HHs and 319 Washera Ram distributed to 319 households.

                                           CLH pic

The provision of 898 Washera rams to 898 (243 females) beneficiary households helped in producing 81,703 crossbreed lambs, of which 72,381 single, 9,181 twins and 141 triplet births.

3,091 VESA organized with 66,021 members and mobilized 10 million birr and dispersed 7.2 million for 23,402 members.

Crop & livestock productivity increased due to irrigation access & supply of improved crop variety. Beneficiaries’ livelihood is being improved.      

28,564 youths and 842 graduates got job opportunity and earned an amount of Eth birr 50.15 million & 24.06 million for temporary and permanent respectively under Youth Enterprise & Private Sector Development (YEPSD).

 In 2018, ORDA manages 31 diversified projects in 53 Woredas & benefits 1.48 million people. Its Goal is to impact 639,939 HHs or 3.2 million people by 2020.

10.4 million Seedlings, of which 4 million is Community Based Greening (3.14 million indigenous and 7.31 million exotic species) is planted in 1,719 hectares of land. It’s planned to make 416 ha of new and 1,096 ha of existing closure areas. Construction of 60 biogas plants and distribution of 400 solar lanterns, establishment of 12 new Comprehensive Land Husbandry (CLH) and 25 integrated watersheds, 25 hectares of gully rehabilitation are the major focus under EFDP.

Construction of 288 new & 9 ongoing potable water schemes to benefit 95,850 people, Construction of 18 institutional ventilated improved latrines which will benefit 10,355 people, Screening of 19,566 Trachoma patients and providing treatment to 3,067 trachoma patients via Surgery and 4,867 antibiotics is being planned under WIP.

With respect to Irrigation 12 new irrigation schemes to irrigate 340 ha and 25 Ponds (10 community and 15 HH ponds) and 128 ropes and washer pumps to irrigate 46.5 ha, and distribution of 18 drip irrigation, 123 rope and washer pumps, 38 solar pumps are the major emphasis for 2018.

Access 2,324.5 quintals of improved to 13,772, 415 quintals of lime to reclaim acidic soil, 208 bio fertilizer bags to treat pulse seeds, 163 field crop and vegetable demonstrations, supply of 344 Kilogram of different improved vegetable seeds, 9,478 grafted seedlings, 2,490 quintals of garlic and improved potato seeds, 16,166 improved chicken breed, 150 improved heifers, 400 modern beehives and 800 transitional beehives, 317 quintals of forage seeds, engagement in nutritious food production, maternal and child nutrition are vital. Also ADRMP will organize 4,958 VESAs/VSLA with a member of 182,175 and will collect 10,673,868 ETB, and 6,504,181 ETB loan will be disbursed.

Creation of 31,990 temporary and 764 permanent jobs to rural youths is underway to accomplish in 2018 budget year.

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