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                       ORDA Sustainable value chain project (SVVC) launching workshop conducted 


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ORDA expresses its deepest condolence on the death of higher government officials of the Amhara Region.

       dr ambachew m

ORDA expresses its deepest condolence on the death of H.E.Ambachew Mekonen (Ph.D) and other higher government officials of the Amhara Region.

The late President of the Amhara Region, H.E.Ambachew Mekonen (Ph.D), had served as Executive Director of ORDA from 2011 – 2013. He was also chairman of Board of Directors of ORDA from 2017 till his death. 

Rest in Peace!

Before his death, H.E Ambachew (Ph.D) delivered a message regarding on the 35th anniversary of ORDA as presented below.    

Message of Board of Directors’ of ORDA

I happily extend my warmth congratulations message on the 35th year of anniversary of the Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara (ORDA) in the name of the people and government of Amhara region.

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          ORDA established a pioneer commercial plant tissue culture in Bahir Dar

                                 tissue culture in Bahir Dar

A pioneer commercial plant tissue culture center officially launched production

The national and regional agricultural productivity is being severely hindered by unpredictable rainfall, shortage of improved varieties and diseases. Currently, improved varieties that are diseases resistant and other agricultural technologies are very much important to ensure productivity. As a result, Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara (ORDA) established a pioneer commercial plant tissue culture center at the regional capital Bahir Dar to benefit millions of farmers and investors working on agriculture.

The tissue culture center has launched in October, 2015. Since April 2016, the center has started off mother plant selection, initiation, multiplication, rooting and acclimatization of potato, banana, sugar beet and sugar cane plants. 

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                                 "I'm defeating my disability"

                            I'm defeating my disability

Farmer Habte Getasew, aged 38, is a resident of wombercho woftem kebele, Ebinat woreda of south Gonder zone. He has disability, due to a gun shoot, on his right hand, and this condition had created a black shadow on his farm work. The poverty used to create synergies with his being handicapped. As time go, he had had sorrow due to lack of any technological support to mitigate his physical problem. But, he latter has gotten an opportunity to be member of ORDA’S IFNS project beneficiaries list.

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                          ‘‘My Saving, Brings Cash’’- Mrs. FentaTsegaye

                             My Saving Brings Cash

Organization for Rehabilitation & Development in Amahara (ORDA) has launched Inclusive Food & Nutrition security Program (IFNS) in 2018, which stays for 4 years (2018-2022), in areas of Ebenat (South Gondar Zone), West Belessa and East Belessa (Central Gonder Zone) districts. The project has been doing developmental works by allocating over 89 million birr (2,726,743.00 EURO) secured from German Government (BMZ) facilitated by CBM. It has an objective to benefit 9,000 impoverished households by supporting them to secure their food via mitigating vulnerability to climate change in the intervention areas.

We drove for minutes in a beachy road from Arbaya town of west Belesa to the west direction to visit ‘Yabibal village economic saving association (VESA)’ organized by ORDA’S IFNS project. We got a woman Mrs. Fenta Tsegaye, 51, who is a member of this VESA which has 31 members (F: 19). She is a widow woman who has 4 children (F: 1) and leads her life through agriculture. After the death of her spouse, all life burdens lay on her shoulder, and she was struggling against a harsh poverty. At the moment, since she was enough poor, she has gotten the chance to be recruited as beneficiary of ORDA’S IFNS project developmental work.

                            My Saving Brings Cash1
Being a member of VESA organized by the project, she has been saving money monthly. Hence, she has borrowed 300 birr at the end of November with an interest cost of 15 birr per month. By using this fund, she began germinate raw barley, which is used to produce local alcoholic drink called Ale or ‘Tela’, to conduct malt trading. The raw barley is bought from Arbaya town which is 7 km away from her home. After germinating the malt, she resold it to Arbaya town residents with a better cost. In the first trial, she bought 300 birr cost raw barely & resold it 600 birr in the form of malt. Her profit is one fold, & now she is germinating 600 birr cost raw barley. She is waiting to get double profit. She told that the trading is supporting her to accommodate her daily expense. “I am benefited being a member of this Vesa through borrowing money in moderate interest rate. My saving enabled me to borrow money & to do trading. Because of this, the debt brought me 300 birr profit in cash by doing trading”, says Mrs.Fenta. 

The project gave her 6 chicken for poultry purpose & one of has been giving egg. So, the woman is caring the chicken to get more income. Now she is developing her wealth capacity that enabled her to feed her elder child & enough old mother, and she is cursing her previous life in poverty.

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