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"Water satisfies when its being clean & safe," beneficiaries said.

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Menbere kasa, a priest, lives in 029 kebele, wadla woreda. Previously, he & his neighbors used to drink in a nearby river called "Enchike". However, they were exposed to different waterborne diseases. Because, in the river, dead bodies were lost, cloth was washed and animals shared the water.

In the same case, a friar Aba Kasaye Alemu, aged 76, lives in the same village. He compared & contrasted of their water usage in time series; as he claimed my son in the earlier times we were health though we had drunk river water. Now we will be sick, if we drink it, and it may be water contamination due to high population.

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In consideration with the area problem, ORDAs the Strengthen PSNP 4 Institutions and Resilience (SPIR) Development Food Security Activity project (DFSA) has built potable water infrastructure with a cost of 53,800 birr which is secured from the Government of America (USAID). The surrounding dwellers are now happy.

According to priest Menebere Kassa, previously they were drunken unsafe river water that leads to health problem. We know a taste of water only now. The water lets you to know its taste if it is clean.

Ato Amare Tilahun, Manager of ORDAs Wadila project, said Development Food Security Activity project (DFSA) had built 26 potable water infrastructures in 2017 & 2018 only & provides safe water for rural households. He added 11 irrigation schemes & 79 spring development works were done. In addition, to encourage the saving culture of the villagers, 1,746 households are organized in village economic & social associations, and they have been saving money that helps to improve their money management, he said.